Sober Coach Services

Breaking free from alcohol with an experienced and patient sober coach works.

Phone Counselling Support

Confidential one to one support by phone to help you plan, prepare and execute your sober recovery.  Safe, comfortable and confidential – benefit from a professional listener.  Daily, weekly or monthly support and reflection calls.  

Pre-Quit Sober Planning

Let’s sit down together and hear your hopes, dreams, goals and plans for the future.  Together we can put together a positive action plan to give your sober recovery structure and a sense of purpose.  It starts when you are ready and we make progress one day at a time.

When the Going gets Tough

Sober Coach helps you with personal one to one support – just call 1300 084 004 and connect live.  Breaking through is challenging in the early days and Sober Coach is there for you 100%.  Your recovery from this stage of your life is the most important thing for you right now.  It’ worth the effort to have Sober Coach on board.

Sober Coaching Packages

The biggest life changes begin with your commitment. Join a 6 week, 90 day or 180 day support plan and set your sights on a more meaningful life without alcohol.

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Start your breakthrough with proven support…

Pre Quit Planning + Assessment = $470 (fully deductable from 6 week or 90 day course on enrolment)
6 week Sober Coach Support Package – includes 18hrs Sober Coaching + resources + toolkit = $2340
90 day Sober Coach Support Package – includes 40 hrs Sober Coaching + resources + toolkit = $4990