Sober Coach Bren Murphy

“I can help you achieve a steady, sober recovery.  I believe in honesty, integrity and authenticity as the foundation for a rock-solid recovery from addiction and substance abuse.”

Bren Murphy struggled with addiction and emerged a stronger, more complete person through commitment and acceptance.

Bren Murphy uses a  revolutionary heart-centered method based on life coaching principles to breakthrough with sober recovery.

With 12 years experience working in mental health support services, Bren Murphy has acquired a unique skillset to listen, support and encourage you through the initial stages of recovery.

Personal Support

I  appreciate how difficult it can be to confront a long term drinking issue.  That’s why I offer a unique to your door service, where I come and stay with you and help navigate those first days or weeks of recovery.

Family / Partner Support

The people around the person in recovery often suffer exhaustion and frustration.  I understand and can provide you with space whilst I take on the role of navigating those first days post-rehab, so sobriety is set for success.

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Pre Quit Planning + Assessment = $470 (fully deductable from 6 week or 90 day course on enrolment)
6 week Sober Coach Support Package – includes 18hrs Sober Coaching + resources + toolkit = $2340
90 day Sober Coach Support Package – includes 40 hrs Sober Coaching + resources + toolkit = $4990